Listing : Luxury Turkey Tours
Title: Luxury Turkey Tours
Description: Ankara - Golbasi Ankara is the capital of Turkey located in the middle of the country. There are various clubs from mountain climbing to kayaking and most of them are within the respected universities of Turkey. Golbasi is a small city located in the south of the city and there is a paragliding club there which if very good for beginners and the club trains a lot of people during the course of the year. You might be visiting Ankara for a meeting so a paragliding break will be the highlight of your stay in Ankara city. Cappadocia Hot air ballooning is a big industry in Cappadocia that you can easily book and experience it. It does not require any training or certificates but if you are seeking some more adrenaline, the slopes of the mighty Erciyes volcanic mountain awaits you. It is the tallest volcanic mountain if Cappadocia region and it is responsible for the volcanic nature of the area. Since it is standing like a high rise in the middle of the central Anatolian plate, the mountain has lot of slopes convenient for paragliding. Winds are not always convenient for a scenic paragliding in the center of Cappadocia but Erciyes mountain gives the alternative flight experience with spectacular views of center of Anatolia accompanied by the volcanic mountain itself.