Listing : Caramics Wheel Protection
Title: Caramics Wheel Protection
Description: The Caramics wheel sealant system offers long-lasting ceramic protection for all wheel finishes, from powder coated to diamond cut satin/matte and high polished metals. With a simple spray and wipe application, designed to help your wheels stay cleaner for longer. Kit Contents 1 x 100ml Prep-Wipe, 1 x 100ml Wheel Coating Spray, 4 x Micro Wipe Applicators Protective Gloves Instructional Guides Sticker Emblems Before you begin Read the instructions fully. Before application ensure your wheels are thoroughly clean, dry, cool and out of direct sunlight. Make sure you have all the equipment necessary. THE DO NOTS Do NOT apply in direct sunlight or to a hot wheels Do NOT leave the coating to cure for longer than the specified time Do not apply to a wet wheels Do not apply to any other surface than stated