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Title: Parenting advices
Description: Last Friday I flew to London for a long weekend ….It dawned on me whilst I was packing that this would be the first time, I’ve flown completely solo…. Like ever! The purpose of my trip was for my nephews christening on Sunday although I managed to squeeze in a day for TK Maxx which I’ve absolutely missed, possibly one of my favourite stores and also visited my immediate family. I’m not afraid of flying at all, but I was super excited about roaming duty free without kids nagging for the toilets or Kenny & George moaning to sit in the lounge to eat!! I love the tax-free shopping, it’s a great chance to stock up on makeup, creams and essentials. NO KIDS, NO HUSBAND, JUST ME! Disappointment. Larnaca airport was under construction for future expansion, so most of the terminal was closed off, there wasn’t really anything to do, and the worst part is that I ended up sitting in the lounge. I phoned George when I was there, and he was laughing at me!