Listing : ipad anti glare screen protector
Title: ipad anti glare screen protector
Description: Anti Glare (AG) Screen Protector is entering into the life of people for protecting eyes from the glare emitted from screen in digital screen ‘s times. With the popularity of smartphones and iPads, electronic screens have become the “second organ” of human beings, followed by a large amount of glare. The danger of glare has become a problem that cannot be ignored, and it will cause both physiology and psychology problems. When watching the mobile phone for a long time, the glare that is constantly flashing on the screen will cause continuous stimulation to the eyes. When the eyes keep capturing these light and shadows, the eyes will feel tired and cause damage to the tear film on the surface of the eyeball, causing dry eyes and deepen the myopia. In daily artificial lighting, when the illumination is 100–300lx and the flash frequency is not less than 150HZ, the light is more suitable for the human eyes. When the illumination is too strong, and the flash frequency is insufficient, it is easy to cause eye fatigue, which may cause ametropia in the human eye. When there is a strong light in a darker environment, the brightness of the two forms a sharp contrast, and the strong light will damage the younger retinal tissue of the child, causing visual dysfunction.