Listing : PPE supplier
Title: PPE supplier
Description: This is our new product that we are carrying for our fogger. Introducing HOCI and can be used in businesses and homes. It kills Covid-19 in under 5 minutes, completely safe for seniors, kids, pets and green friendly.HOCI (Curaclean) is available in a hospital grade gallon concentrate and can be diluted to make 10 gallons from one with distilled water. It’s safe to use without hazmat equipment. Safe if inhaled in , no chemical odor. Can be used around food surfaces and simply put an amazing state of the art product we are happy to share with you! It has been recently used in Europe and Asia with great success to slow and stop the spread of Covid-19. it also kills Sars-2 and a host of other viruses it’s EPA approved and is a biocide this is probably the single most important product for safety that we carry! See our interview on it on pink cloud radio…The microbiologist that developed HOCL Jeff Williams. This product is available thru distributors. This is being used in Police and Fire stations by first responders. It’s not enough to kill Viruses on surfaces you need to clean the air too! Covid-19 can linger up to 3 hrs.