Listing : Couches for sale in Durban
Title: Couches for sale in Durban
Description: Remove dirt by using a Vacuum cleaner with soft brush attachment. Purchase a new cloth to be used just on your new furniture. Dust or wipe frequently with a clean, soft and dry microfibre cloth. Always be sure to use a soft cloth and never use an abrasive brush or scrubber as this can scratch and damage the furniture. If furniture is soiled or dirty it can be wiped with a damp clean and soft microfibre cloth using lukewarm water. Make sure that the cloth is not soaking wet. Never let water soak into furniture. If further cleaning is necessary, create a lather of a mild, nonabrasive soap with lukewarm water. Moisten the clean, soft and dry microfibre cloth in the water and wipe the furniture. Test an inconspicuous spot with the cloth to make sure there’s no discoloration from the soap and water. Do not spot clean your furniture; clean the entire surface. Let the furniture air dry; never use a hair dryer or other heat source to dry any furniture.