Listing : Memphis airport car rental
Title: Memphis airport car rental
Description: Memphis had around 650,000 inhabitants in 2016, the Memphis metropolitan area about 1.3 million. Memphis is ranked 25th in the list of the largest cities in the United States and 41st in the country's largest metropolitan area. Of the inhabitants of the city, 34% described themselves as whites and about 61% as blacks, while just under 5% classified themselves as members of other skin colors. The city thus had the eighth highest proportion of blacks among the US cities. The proportion of whites in the city itself fell sharply (1980: 52%, 1990: 44%) while growing in the surrounding counties. The Memphis Metropolitan Statistical Area had 1.2 million inhabitants, making it the second largest in Tennessee. Following current demographic trends, it will be the first metropolitan area in which the majority of residents are black. Memphis has the lowest cost of living in any US city. In a representative survey in 1997, one third of the population rated their neighborhood as having a perfect quality of life.