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Description: What Medical Services do we Offer? Ocean Medical provides a broad range of medical services, including complete physicals, Well Woman checks, monitoring chronic health disorders, school physicals, lipid panel checks, dermatology biopsies, and allergy testing as well as treatment of colds and flu, sprains, broken bones and lacerations. Family Health Solutions: Both children and adolescents can typically face health problems at any age that are unique to their genetics, individual development, past experiences, and family culture. As we recognize the individual needs of our clients, we offer a number of medical services to meet each child’s specific needs and encourage healthy development. Cholesterol Check: High cholesterol usually has no symptoms. However, it can increase your chance of developing health problems such as heart disease and stroke. Have your cholesterol levels checked today! Are you planning to travel overseas for work or study? Proper immunization before travel is essential. We can help you be protected against exotic or foreign diseases that can be fatal. Need a lab test today? No need for long waits at the emergency room for medical tests. Whether it’s a blood test or an X-Ray, medical testing at urgent care is convenient, efficient, and affordable. If you have a broken bone or fracture, chest pain or pain in your limbs we are able to take x-rays, discover the source and recommend or carry out a plan for treatment and recovery.